The Mythic Theory of Everything

We should never peer into our souls, and
We should never peer into the future,
Because we will never like what we see!


I originally thought I could do an allegorical essay on what I call the Mythic Theory of Everything, or MToE for short, but the research and presentation of current scientific thought on every aspect of physics was becoming mind numbing. In an effort to bring it into a manageable context, I have taken the “de facto” approach to the essay, by asserting the conjectures of the MToE are accepted as fact in a future time. …

Part Four: Basics of Integer Factoring

Sometimes it is not what you see that is important,
It is what you do not see.
Spreadsheet showing many red highlighted X’s
Spreadsheet showing many red highlighted X’s
Exclusion Zones and Valid Factoring Lines


Is there another level in the Integer Factoring Families? The answer is yes, but it is not what you might expect. Some intervals can be eliminated; however, the overhead calculations will grow proportionally. (Act surprised.) Please sit back and enjoy another journey into the realm of mathematical madness! (By the way, please excuse the pun in the title, I just could not resist.)

Chapter 1 — Background

The basics of Integer Factoring Families are discussed at:

A review of the material…


I almost hear my own mind thinking!

I have a Theory of Everything... actually it is a Mythic Theory of Everything and I have published it as satire on Medium. In an odd way it bolsters the points you make in your essay. Funny, huh?

Part Three: Basics of Integer Factoring

Simple is to complex
What complex is to simple,
Something unimaginable!
Prime and Factor List


Lists of prime numbers can be produced using Integer Factoring Families and JavaScript code (or your own version of software poison.) This is accomplished by a brute force elimination and substitution routine. All integers greater than 2 that are found in a specific range are put in a list. Using the properties of Integer Factoring Families, all the integers that can be factored are removed from the list. The residue is a list of the prime numbers in that given range. …

Part Two: Basics of Integer Factoring

A person with everything can find none of it, and
A person with nothing can find all of it.


When studying integer factoring, I always thought that prime numbers were orphans. As it turns out, they each have a family tree. Sadly, the demons of mathematics ensured that every odd number also has a family tree, so there is no new insight into prime number differentiation. The families none-the-less are still fascinating in their own right and I will attempt to provide an introduction in this essay.

Chapter 1 — Background

The primary engine of iterative integer factoring…

The Universe of the Human Mind

A child dreams of being an adult, and 
An adult dreams of being a child.
A magician dreams of being a scientist, and
A scientist dreams of being a magician.


In our modern world we like to think that science, faith, and magic are separate and very incompatible things, but that may just be a convenient illusion we use to cover the truth. When we turn on a television, we do so with the faith that it will power up and provide us entertainment. …

Exception explanation without the tedious equations (and the audience inverse drop off.) I can not even find anything to really niggle about. I do have a question related to my trips into crazy town that you might be able to shed some "light" on. Given photons have a given quantum energy, how does a photon create electric fields and magnetic fields and keep the same quantum of energy? It seems almost a perpetual motion scheme. I recognize that I am probably just not understanding the whole thing, so feel free to ignore this.

Chapter 7 — The Bug Man In Blue Jeans

If you give love you may find love, and
If you sell love you may lose love, and
If you buy love you may never have love.

The Great Dome

He was known as The Sun, because of his radiant smile.¹ She was known as The Moon, because she was pale and cold. Her expression never changed as she went about her life.

She was famous for her multitude of marriages and the numerous scandals they evoked. He was a happy-go-lucky bachelor with no intentions of marriage. Both being born of significant houses, it was only a matter of time until they would…

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