Illustration: Complexity by JB Johnson

My apologies to those of you that accidentally clicked on the wrong link and wound up here. I hope you eventually find what you were looking for.

There was a time when I wanted to write, but the honesty of time has taught me that was wishful thinking. I have lots of ideas (some are actually interesting), but I typically fail to put any life in them. I will continue to write, not because I think over time I will improve (though perhaps I will), but because writing has become my therapy. Each idea that is transformed into an article is like another crying child put to bed in restful sleep. For the most part I do not require anyone waking them, but they are here and you are free to browse. Just tuck them back in when you are finished.

I am actually a novelty seeker. (It is a real thing, see neophilia.) This should not be confused with being a thrill seeker, which I definitely am not. (Life is short, there is no reason to make it shorter.) I love games of all kinds, but my competitiveness tends to put people off. Thankfully, solitary computer games are abundant these days and I get to keep a few friends.

I am retired (software) with my wife, our dogs, and our cats and I keep wondering how I was ever able to put in 40 hours a week on a regular job. I simply do not have enough time for all the things I want to do. Maybe I need fewer activities, but what do I keep and what do I ignore?

All series and stories can be found at jbjo1956. The quotes and illustrations are mine unless noted otherwise. (If I have accidentally plagiarized someone's work, please advise and I will correct the documentation as needed with the proper credit.)

Below is an overview of the subject matter on my Medium site. The items marked with TBD are things I am considering adding in the future. The List function shows this information with a brief description as well.

Series: Basics of Integer Factoring

A series dedicated to the study of Integer Factoring Part One -- TBD (Someday I want to write an essay on the foundation concepts of Integer Factoring)

Part Nine -- TBD (Hopefully I can add a JavaScript that illustrates the power of the Anti-Keys)

Series: The Bug Man In Blue Jeans

Science Fiction stories as told by an unlikely alien that works on the idiom that ugliness is only skin deep. Chapter 1 -- Part 1: The Alien Invasion (The Circus)

Chapter 3 -- The Great Arbitrator

Chapter 4 -- The Archivist

Chapter 5 -- TBD

Chapter 6 -- TBD

Chapter 7 -- The Sun and the Moon

Series: Things in the Dark Night

Even mythological creatures must deal with the consequences of their actions. Chapters 1 & 2: The Werewolf / The Witch Chapter 3: The Vampire

Series: The Universe of the Human Mind

Does anything exist beyond our own minds? Part One -- CAN SCIENCE LIVE IN THE SAME UNIVERSE AS FAITH AND MAGIC?


Series: The Mythic Theory of Everything

Here we exam the conjecture that a Theory of Everything is really no more than a mythic concept. Part One -- A PEEK INTO THE FUTURE OF PHYSICS

Series: Quantum Relativity

Here we explore possible connections between the quantum world and relativity.


Note to the System Admins

When I cease to make any changes to this account (providing reasonable time has passed), please feel free to delete it. If I get a chance before the curtain falls, I will try to erase it myself, but I fear that my exit might take place before I reach the final act. -- Thank You!